Field Report

June 15 2018


June mix $10.95: Zucchini half moon thick, Yellow Squash half moon thick, Carrot matchstick, Pea Pod clipped

Apples/ Pears: Washington - Red Delicious market is firm on all sizes. Golden delicious are steady but strong due to light supplies, especially on the smaller sizes. Granny Smith are steady at lower levels due to good supplies and light demand on smaller sizes.

Pears - D'anjou pears market is firm but mostly steady on all sizes, and they continue to peak on US#1 80/90s. Demand is good, smaller size fruit remains limited. The quality has been good. Look for supplies to slowly wind down as we get into July.

Asparagus: Central Mexico is starting to see rain this week, and the forecast looks like more rain for the next seven days. We should know early next week what effect the rain has had on production. Gonzales, CA volume has started to drop due to seasonality; their season should be wrapped up in the next two weeks. Washington State is done for the season.


Avocados: Mexico's harvest continues, with declining weekly volumes through June to its seasonal end of their normal crop. We are still waiting for the Flor Loca crop the gain maturity. This summer crop is difficult to predict, but light volumes are expected. Demand remains good, and we are still seeing tighter supply situation on 48s & 60s #1 fruit.


Berries: Strawberries- The warmer weather has brought on a wave of strawberries this week. Excellent availability in Salinas and Watsonville areas. Quality is looking very strong. Good color and firm berries. Sizes are ranging between 16-20.

Raspberries No major changes on Raspberries this week. Supplies remain limited. Mexico's season has come to an end, and California is slowly ramping up. The general feedback from all shippers is that availability will continue to be light until Salinas / Watsonville increase production.


Blackberries Blackberries remain extremely limited industry-wide. Demand far exceeds supply as Mexico's seasons have come to an end and California is slowly ramping up.

Blueberries- Blueberry supplies continue to improve in California. The central valley areas have seen warm weather, and it is pushing fruit forward. Quality is being reported as good, but with the recent heat, we can expect to see some softer berries if the cold chain is broken.


Broccoli and cauliflower: Broccoli- The broccoli market remains steady at current levels. Supplies are consistent but not abundant from all growing regions. The quality has remained really nice with decent crown size, minimal yellowing, or dehydration. Cauliflower- We have plenty of supplies of cauliflower from both the Salinas Valley and Santa Maria growing regions. This has kept the market very competitive. The quality has been exceptional with vibrant white color, minimal bruising / brown spotting, and weights in the 27 to 30-pound level.


Citrus: Oranges: California Navel crop is finished for the season. California Valencia harvest is moving at a steady pace. Fruit quality and color are good, with size currently peaking 88s/72s/113s. Demand remains strong. Small size fruit 113s/138s will be limited through to entire Valencia season.


Lemons: The Central Valley crop is near its seasonal end toward the end of June. Fruit in this area is peaking on 115s and larger sizes. The Ventura/Oxnard areas are becoming the main growing area and are also peaking on 115s and larger sizes. Demand is strong, especially on the smaller sizes of 162s/200s. These smaller sizes are beginning to sell out daily, and supplies are tight.


Limes: Lime supplies continue to be steady. However, the fruit sizing seems to be irregular. I have had a few reports of small size limes being packed into the large size box. Due to the higher demand on large fruit, supplies are becoming more limited on sizes between 150-110ct.




Lettuce: Finally, after weeks of a flat market, this commodity is active. Multiple suppliers began the week sold out while others had moderate to light supplies at best. Both northern and southern California have hit a planting gap that is expected for the next 10-14 days. The weights continue to be favorable, and the quality is good, overall.



Lettuce Leaf: Romaine, as well as all leaf items, are firm in the marketplace for now. Throughout California, supplies are lighter compared to previous weeks. Although school business has obviously fallen, suppliers are approaching lighter production numbers this week. Expect to see a bigger jump in pricing by the end of the week. Romaine hearts are slightly stronger currently and are expected to be available in moderate to light supplies next week, pending the shipper. The quality overall on hearts continues to be good.