Field Report 

December 7 2018


December mix $10.95:  Zucchini slice thick, Green beans clipped, Red pepper julienne, Cauliflower mini buds    


Apples/ Pears:  Washington - Granny Smith and Gold Delicious continue to show strength on all sizes.  Look for supplies of these varieties to possibly run out before the season is over.  Red and red varietals have good availability of most sizes and grades.  Quality is very nice with little to no reports upon arrival.

Pears - Bartlett’s, Comice, D'Anjou, Bosc, Forelle, and Red Crimson pears are in good supplies coming out of Washington and Oregon.  Bartlett’s are peaking on 100 then 110 count with 90 count and larger being limited.  This will be the trend through their season.  Quality has been very nice on most varieties with good sugar levels.


Asparagus: Weather has turned cold in Southern Baja (Constitucion) which has slowed production.  Fields are starting to close due to the weather, and seasonality.  We should see some fields in Caborca Mexico start to open in the next 3 weeks.  Production and weather remain the same in both regions in Peru, Northern region (Trujillo), and Southern region (Ica).  The demand and the market out west has started to pick up due to the closure of the fields in Southern Baja.  The market on the east should start to react at the end of next week with holiday Ad’s starting up.



Avocados: Weather in the growing region of Michoacán Mexico this week calls for some rain, thunderstorms, and temperatures in the 80s.  Overall quality is good.  Mexico is currently at its peak of the season.  Fruit is cutting well and east great.  Suppliers are reporting a better supply of ripe and preconditioned fruit this week as they are seeing inventories replenish quickly.



Berries: Strawberries- California has experienced some substantial rain over the last week.  Salinas, Santa Maria, and Oxnard have all been hit with heavy showers.  Additionally, Mexico saw some rain in the berry growing regions, which has slowed down production as well.  Obviously, this has had a big impact on availability.  Shortages began mid last week and have continued into this week with all shippers being in the same situation in regard to extremely limited supplies.


  Raspberries – As expected, supplies are becoming lighter on raspberries.  Production slowed down over the weekend in Mexico due to weather.  Although we expect better weather this week, we have moved past the first peak of production and supplies will gradually decline until we reach another peak in the next 2 weeks.  Quality has been reported as good, although we have seen some soft berries.  Markets have been steady to higher.



 Blackberries- Blackberry supplies continue to be strong.  Despite the slowed production from Mexico over the weekend, the blackberries did not seem to be affected at all.  We have plenty of fruit available in all loading locations.  Markets are actually softer this week.  Quality has been reported as good.

                                                                                                                                                            Blueberries- Blueberry supplies have been lighter this week and markets are higher.  This is a result of the cold wet weather in Mexico and the delay of arrivals from offshore supplies.  As a result of the recent rains in central Mexico, production has slowed down and has had an impact on available fruit this week.  Additionally, due to some hail in Peru and delayed boat arrivals to the U.S, we are seeing a small and presumably short-lived supply gap this week.


Broccoli and cauliflower: Broccoli- The broccoli market continues to be in a demand exceeds situation.  Supplies remain tight on broccoli in all areas, as the cold weather has slowed the growth.  Broccoli crowns are extremely tight and may need to sub into bunched.  Quality is fair with slight purpling, some mechanical damage, and occasional yellow cast.  Look for supplies to continue to remain tight going into next week.

Cauliflower- The cauliflower market continues to be tight but has adjusted downward with a little more supply in recent days.  Sizing in Yuma has been extremely slow with the colder weather.  With this colder weather, shippers are yielding more Cauliflower 16's.  Overall, the quality has been good with minor bruising and some yellow cast with weights in the 25 to 28-pound level.


                                                                                                                                                                  Citrus: Oranges: California Navels is moving along with good supplies across the board, plenty of promotable volume and great quality.  The demand is increasing with markets starting to firm up.


                                                                                                                                                              Lemons: Supplies are steady, covering normal business and holding off on promotable volumes.  With the same situation as the navels, the rain is playing a big part on the supply and markets.  Currently harvesting out District 3 (Desert crop) and District 1 (San Joaquin Valley).  Peaking on 140/165/115 size in both growing regions. District 3 will continue to be a challenge with the labor shortage, light supplies, and market expected to be firm. District 1 volume is starting to come on stronger with steady market on all sizing.


                                                                                                                                                                  Limes: Lime supplies are looking steady now through mid December with fair quality and steady markets.  Supplies are expected to tighten up in mid December through the first of the year with market prices on big sizes expecting to drop and small size pricing looking to climb.


Lettuce: Demand continues to be strong.  Suppliers cannot catch up to fill all orders.  Escalated pricing is in effect for value-added product as well as all contracts.  The overall quality is fair.  Lightweights are the biggest issues many shippers are dealing with.  Weights are ranging from 34-42 pounds pending the shipper.  Puffiness, mechanical, and growth crack has been reported upon arrivals.


Lettuce Leaf: Demand on green and red leaf, as well as butter, has seen demand exceed supplies in the marketplace.  Romaine has softened, as availability is much better with multiple suppliers.  Escalated pricing is in effect with all leaf items including romaine.  Expect this market to be active throughout the week.