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NORTHWESTERN FRUIT COMPANY carries a full line of fruits and vegetables from the industry's best growers and packers. Our extensive experience as produce specialists ensures our ability to provide the best values and the right quality to satisfy your specific needs.

Our product list continues to grow as we respond to our customers’ needs and requests. While fruits and vegetables were our staple in the 1940's, we have now expanded into dairy, cheeses, eggs, nuts, spices, purees, dressings, gourmet oils and vinegars, along with a full line of global cuisine items.

In 1981 we opened N.W. Salads to better supply our customers with quality custom processed fruits and vegetables. In our facility we are able to meet all our customers’ special requests for stir fry blends, vegetable and fruit mixes, along with the unique cuts, dices, and slices you may use.

We have been serving our customers in Minnesota and Wisconsin for over 60 years, delivering up to 6 days a week to satisfy your needs.

Northwestern Fruit Company is a HACCP facility and we are inspected yearly by AIB to insure the customers’ confidence in product quality and distribution.

Northwestern Fruit Company feels that all our customers are our partners, and that the growth that we share will benefit both of our futures.

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